Call for a test team        

Release 2.0 is coming up. As always we do very intensive testing of the BIMserver platform. The 2.0 release has some major changes that drastically effect plugins and webmodules. To make sure all components interact correctly, we need some drastic human testing. Therefore we are looking for people that want to test the tools and send feedback to developers.

The deal is simple: we send you a beta version of BIMserver 2.0 with lots of plugins. You use it (preferably with a screenrecorder) and send us back issues that you find. You should include logfiles, database, original IFC data, etc.  As a thank you we will overload you with eternal gratitude and some of our goodies.

When you feel you are up to this task, please fill out the form. Thank you for making these tools become better!


Teaser: BIMserver testimonials 2011

During the last BIMserver Breakfast some people were interviewed about their experience with the open source initiative.
The final 7 minute movie with testimonials will be available in October this year. Some statements were very flattering and we are so proud we want to share them without waiting the final release. This is why we created a 1 minutes ‘teaser‘ with statements about from several different users. Of course the text is completely out of context, to make it sound even better than in the final movie. It is viewable on youtube. Within a few weeks the final version will be online as well.

Expanding user group

Since the release of the 0.8 version of our software, we manage to get a wider user-group. More and more people download and use the software. The demoserver also gets more users every day. To give you an idea about where our users come from we plotted this map from the statistics engine.

As you can see, many of the users are in Europe. We have to say that the US is gaining fast. This week was the first week that there were more US visitors on our site, than all other countries together. Seems like you guys don’t mind my typos once in a while….

Let’s hope that this map will look completely red in a few months. We will try to please more new users with our upcoming 0.8.1 release.