New Release: v0.8.1 0.8.1 usability release.

The open source BIMserver just released a new stable version of the software. The new release is the 0.8.1 version. This release should be a ‘usability update’ so the interface will be (even)  more user friendly. However, during development we decided to integrate some major changes in the core of the architecture. The IFC Engine DLL is now running in a separate JVM. When the DLL crashes, the BIMserver keeps on running and can even startup the crashed JVM again. This makes the use of the software more stable.

Just some of the changes:

  • Fixed bugs (sourceforge buglist)
  • ‘work in progress’ button on compare and download.
  • ‘e-mail this’ button on compare.
  • Compare function out of revision lists.
  • ‘Upload in progress’ feature.
  • ‘no revisions yet’ notice at empty projects.
  • Anonymous access (checkbox) at creation of projects.
  • CityGML bugs fixed.
  • ifcXML 100% valid.
  • IFC Engine DLL loading and installation is integrated.
  • IFC schema to IFC Engine DLL optimised.
  • Separate notice of active and archived checkouts.
  • Registration of new users optional by ‘only admin’ or ‘register from start’.
  • Created separat JVMs for IFC Engine DLL and BIMserver.
  • Created a settings page for the administrator (to edit settings.xml in the webinterface).
  • Split upload of IFC and handling IFC data into database (performance).
  • Changed SOAP Url to /bimserver/services/soap
  • Upload IFC in ZIP files.
  • Download models in ZIP files.
  • Ignoring identical upload of revisions.
  • Merging subprojects of choice by user.
  • Non-usefull tabs are hiding in the webinterface.
  • Update of Jetty (in standalone release)
  • Created info page for IFC ojects (to embed)
  • Added ‘plain text’ option for download.
  • Upload/download ignore.xml file in settings page.
  • Added IFC browser for projects and revisions (integrated with summary page)
  • Added ‘forgot password?’ link on login page.
  • RSS feeds work with autorisation.
  • Checking if upload file is IFC.
  • Checking (on startup) if database is not locked by other proces (other BIMserver instance)
  • Checking (on startup) for correct database schema.
  • and a lot more….

The team doesn’t stop developing and new plans are already being deployed.
The latest release is now available for download at The demoserver is also running the stable version. Check it out on

Working on usability release 0.8.1

The launch of the 0.8 version of the open source BIMserver could be called a huge success. But the team is sensitive about the userfeedback. Some users gave great feedback on the 0.8 version. The development team is now working on some small features and fixes that mainly focus on the usability. Ajax technology is now incorporated in the web-user-interface. We expect to have this new release up and running somewhere in February 2010. Some of the stuff you can expect:

  • Some small user-interface bugfixes
  • Work in progress notifications
  • ‘e-Mail this’ buttons on some (result)pages
  • Compare function as a separate feature (not in the revision table anymore)
  • Upload in progress notification (because some of us click twice and have a double upload)

As you can see it’s mainly about the web-user-interface. When this make you curious you can have a look at the site. This site will always run the latest (nightly build) version of the bimserver software.