Building Information Model Service Interface Exchange

 The team and our core partners TNO and Eindhoven University of Technology are closely involved in the new BIMSie standardization initiative from BuildingSMART. Together with software vendors and research partners from all over the world we are working on a “Building Information Model Service Interface Exchange”-standard. A first version is in review by the core team at this moment. is now creating a prototype showing some new opportunities that will be possible thanks to this standardization initiative. The demo will be shown at the US Building Innovation Conference in January 2013. We hope to see you there.


Release party impression

This morning the BIMserver 1.0 release party took place in Delft (the Netherlands). Almost 60 people came to the old watertower to network with other fans and users of the software. Although the 1.0 stable release isn’t online yet (just a moment, it’s a blink of an eye away) the participants got a nice view on the new features. Léon van Berlo gave a short impression on future thoughts from TNO on the open source BIMserver initiative. Martijn Snel from BIMasaService showed a short impression of his services that makes use the open source BIMserver software. In the end Paul Bos from Z33P architects showed a few examples of their use of the software so far.


Research for the future: geometry analyses

Comparing geometry and finding exactly equal doors in a merged IFC model.

Although most of the BIMserver contributors are working to get the 1.0 stable release out to you, some users think its time to build for the future. For example Pim from the Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO did some testing on comparing IFC geometry. As you might know, the merging feature in the BIMserver software is comparing IFC GUIDs to find equal objects in different sub-models. However, when objects are exactly the same but have different GUIDs (for example because of import/export problems with client side BIM editing software) the objects live a double life in the BIM model. Using brilliant geometrical analyses on the rendered IFC model Pim’s software was able to find geometrically exactly overlapping objects. In the example (picture) Pim found exactly overlapping doors (with different GUIDs). This could be a new feature in the merging function of the open source BIMserver. Tell us if you like this feature, or if you think that these kind of analyses don’t belong in a BIMserver, but should be done by client side analyses software tools.

BIMserver pilot info

Returning readers of this blog have noticed the start of a BIMserver Pilot 2010 in the Netherlands. This bimserver pilot is not limited to just the open source BIMserver, but it will probably have a strong focus.

The kickoff meeting of the pilot has taking place at TNO. During this meeting quite a large number of participants elaborated on what they expect and want to contribute in the pilot. TNO is now working on a projectplan to set off with this pilot.

For those of you who want to keep up with things going on in the pilot, or even want to participate: join the special mailinglist at
This is the only form of communication about this pilot. The projectplan will be send to participants using this mailinglist. Most of the conversations will be in Dutch, but most Dutch people speak pretty good English, so feel free to join in. in core of Dutch BIMserver pilot

The Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO and the Eindhoven University of Technology just released a call for participation (Dutch PDF) on a BIMserver pilot project.

The open source BIMserver project will become a core element of the pilot. The pilotproject has a strong focus on the Dutch AEC industry, but is also open for international participants. You will find more info (in Dutch) in the pdf of the original call.