Release party impression

This morning the BIMserver 1.0 release party took place in Delft (the Netherlands). Almost 60 people came to the old watertower to network with other fans and users of the software. Although the 1.0 stable release isn’t online yet (just a moment, it’s a blink of an eye away) the participants got a nice view on the new features. Léon van Berlo gave a short impression on future thoughts from TNO on the open source BIMserver initiative. Martijn Snel from BIMasaService showed a short impression of his services that makes use the open source BIMserver software. In the end Paul Bos from Z33P architects showed a few examples of their use of the software so far.


January 25th 2011: BIMserver 1.0 release party

To celebrate the release of the 1.0 stable version of the open source BIMserver software, we will organize a small ‘get-together’ which we call ‘release party’. The party will be at ‘de Watertoren’ in Delft (the Netherlands) on January 25th 2011.

During this 2 hour meeting we will show the newest features of the 1.0 release, talk a bit about future plans (as far as that’s possible for an open source project) and give an update on some projects (that we are proud of) that are using the software in real life.

This meeting is sponsored by ‘BIM As A Service’. BIMasaService uses the open source BIMserver software to supply services to their costumers. If you want a BIMserver without the stress of the installation, backups and updates you can ask BIMasaService to manage that for you. BIMasaService will have a short ‘word from the sponsor’ during the release party.

We hope that you will join us on the 25th in Delft (NL). If you like to meet other fans and users of the BIMserver software this is the ideal place to do so!

Please fill out the form to confirm your precence and receive more info.

In short:
Location: ‘de Watertoren‘ in Delft (the Netherlands).
Date: January 25th 2011.
Time: 11.00 – 13.00.
Cost: free (if you fill in the form).
Sponsor: BIMasaService.