Public test/demo server

Today we’ve put a demo/test server online available for the public. You can find it on Please note that the URL is chosen for a reason: this is a server we use to test and evaluate the software. It might run the latest version from github, it might run an older release. Every once in a while we flush it to start fresh again.

Feel free to use the server. There is a ‘register’ link on the opening page. Beware that you are putting your IFC files on a public server. We provide admin access to users who request it, so other will be able to see your model.

The server is running on a dedicated 128Gb RAM server. Anyone who thinks BIMserver can’t handle large files is welcome to use this server  to test it (again: we might be running an experimental  build,   so please  check first  with us if you really want to test it). The most used plugins are also available on this machine (COBie, IFC2RDF, GUI,  etc) and it used IfcOpenShell as the default render engine.


Developers release 1.2.0 (beta release)

Today we released a beta version of 1.2.0. To get things clear right away: it has bugs. Please do not download this if you are an end-user. The main reason to release this new version is to inform developers of changes and, again, a new concept.

The new concept we would like to introduce is still a bit fuzzy. We are developing at it every day and it is changing every day. This is also the reason why we will keep updating the beta releases of 1.2.0 the coming weeks. The most important change you will notice is the ability to add ‘extended data schemas’ to projects and a new plugin type for queries (including the new BimQL plugin). More detailed info and documentation will follow soon.

When you are a developer, things will probably make sense when you dive into the code. When you are a user, a demo that we are preparing will say more than a thousand words. So please be patient for another little while.

After looking at the new release, please send your feedback through

Release candidate 5

Exactly one week before the release party the RC5 is now publicly available. The bugs from the RC4 were fixed and in that process we found a few more enhancements could be made to some features. Feel free to testdrive the RC5. Download it at or on our development site.