Guest post from Stijn van Schaijk

We have a guest blog today from Stijn van Schaijk who send us a message with his experiences using BIMserver:

During my Msc graduation research into process mining within the construction industry (link). I developed a workflow which enables continuously learning loops within construction companies. I was searching for software solutions which could help me realize this goal. After some research I found out that the workflow I was proposing was not possible with all the existing tools of today. So I had to make some software myself. BIMserver gave me a perfect start, since it is a solid basis of software where one can make his specific tool on top.

BIMserver developments during study

Proposed workflow: the software developed in BIMserver filled the gabs commercial tools did lack off

During the development two plugins on BIMserver where made. Those plugins could be perfectly used in my workflow and filled the gab commercial software could not do for me. I decided to make the plugins available (this is not required but my own choice) for public so they can be used by anybody to test, adjust and improve. Ultimately this would lead into new stable solutions for the construction industry.

BIMserver was great to use for my research. I did not had to start developing software from scratch. If I had to I was probably not be able to graduate within a year.

Tutorials and explanation about the developed plugins can be found here: Event log service (  and Planning consult service (

Kind regards,
Stijn van Schaijk

Update: We got many questions about the availability of the data Stijn used in his project. These datasets are available on github. Read more about it here.


Developers release 1.2.0 (beta release)

Today we released a beta version of 1.2.0. To get things clear right away: it has bugs. Please do not download this if you are an end-user. The main reason to release this new version is to inform developers of changes and, again, a new concept.

The new concept we would like to introduce is still a bit fuzzy. We are developing at it every day and it is changing every day. This is also the reason why we will keep updating the beta releases of 1.2.0 the coming weeks. The most important change you will notice is the ability to add ‘extended data schemas’ to projects and a new plugin type for queries (including the new BimQL plugin). More detailed info and documentation will follow soon.

When you are a developer, things will probably make sense when you dive into the code. When you are a user, a demo that we are preparing will say more than a thousand words. So please be patient for another little while.

After looking at the new release, please send your feedback through

Revit plugin to connect to BIMserver

As some of you might have noticed a few weeks ago we had a call for private beta on a RevitPlugin to smoothly connect to a bimserver distribution. Well…. seems like the plugin didn’t have a single bug. It works without bugs at all!. But nobody liked it because it doesn’t work as it should be.
The reason why:  The Revit-BIMserver plug-in uses the original IFC-import en –export function within Revit. The IFC file is send to, or received from a BIMserver installation (for example This is done making use of the webservice interface of the bimserver software. Because Revit does not import it’s own exported IFC files without loss of data, the use of Revit in combination with IFC can result in loss of data! This is not due to the BIMserver-Revit plugin, nor to the open source bimserver, but to the implementation (import and export function) of IFC within Revit. Just to test it yourself: export a model to IFC, waist a minute on doing nothing at all, import the exact same IFC file you just created into Revit again and have a look what’s left of your model. When no data gets lost and you have your original model back, then you will have no problems when you use the plugin (because the plugin is using the exact same function).

For the diehards that are still motivated to try the plugin after reading this: you can download the zip at

Just a note to the skeptic readers: we know we only have one plugin and it is for Revit…. that is because that is the most easy one to make and marketingwise it’s kind of nice to say we have a ‘revit link’. However, this does nót mean that we ónly support use of Revit. We encourage all developers to create plugins from software to other CAD or BIM software!