Doing one thing very good projects

As the loyal readers of this blog know, we joined the ‘open source BIM collective’ a while ago. There are many practical reasons why this decision was easy: we share a support forum, hosting and bandwidth and we face the same legal issues regarding licensing questions from users. But the main reason why we actually joined is because of the mission and vision of the collective.

At we have a strong focus on being a stable platform for others to build upon. We aren’t building feature after feature and market it as a product that can do ‘everything’. Our mission is to provide a solid foundation so developers can build fast and reliable niche applications. So we want to focus on our core features, but still be interesting for developers and users. We had many discussions about removing the GUI and if we should incorporate a render engine or not. Luckily we  found other people that find pleasure in building a GUI and are much, much smarter than us when it comes to an IFC render engine. These people faced the same problem of feeling the force to widen the scope of their tools, but really wanting to focus on the core problem.

Thanks to our collaboration with the projects in the open source BIM collective, we are now integrating and interacting with these other projects. Thanks to IfcOpenShell, BIMserver now has the highest IFC rendering quality in the industry. Thanks to BIMserver, IfcOpenShell broadens the user perspective. Similar synergies are being created with, BCF server and Forum and (very early and experimental) OpenIFD. The COBie plugins and other less famous BIMserver plugins are also part of the collective to give the industry a single point of contact and support.

We are very proud to be part of a team of dedicated and highly intelligent people that have the same passion as we do: Helping the AEC industry forward. Feel free to explore the website, or the github organisation page with most of the repositories.