In between two releases…..

As you guys know, we just released the 0.8.1 version. For the 0.9 release the main attraction will be the integrated clash detection. Also other features will be very useful for the next release.
However, the development team decided that this is the time to look at the core again. After every release we checked back to the core and looked how the new features and new direction of the development influences the core. Also after the latest release we checked back under the hood to see what can be better.
These are the hours of work nobody really sees because it’s not a new button or feature, but just some milliseconds of performance or better memory use. However, we think it is the base of the BIMserver and spend a lot of time on this.

We know that most users will probably see something else then just some blabbering about memory use, stacksize and heapsize. So this is the time to give you something…. During the base improvement of the core, we also had a closer look at the O3D feature. And there is some good news: it works! And we have a picture for the fans.
For the developers: the code is in the SVN repository. For the mainstream users: just let us look at the stacksize and heapsize and wait patient. The next release will have the cool stuff.