Research for the future: geometry analyses

Comparing geometry and finding exactly equal doors in a merged IFC model.

Although most of the BIMserver contributors are working to get the 1.0 stable release out to you, some users think its time to build for the future. For example Pim from the Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO did some testing on comparing IFC geometry. As you might know, the merging feature in the BIMserver software is comparing IFC GUIDs to find equal objects in different sub-models. However, when objects are exactly the same but have different GUIDs (for example because of import/export problems with client side BIM editing software) the objects live a double life in the BIM model. Using brilliant geometrical analyses on the rendered IFC model Pim’s software was able to find geometrically exactly overlapping objects. In the example (picture) Pim found exactly overlapping doors (with different GUIDs). This could be a new feature in the merging function of the open source BIMserver. Tell us if you like this feature, or if you think that these kind of analyses don’t belong in a BIMserver, but should be done by client side analyses software tools.