Guest post from Stijn van Schaijk

We have a guest blog today from Stijn van Schaijk who send us a message with his experiences using BIMserver:

During my Msc graduation research into process mining within the construction industry (link). I developed a workflow which enables continuously learning loops within construction companies. I was searching for software solutions which could help me realize this goal. After some research I found out that the workflow I was proposing was not possible with all the existing tools of today. So I had to make some software myself. BIMserver gave me a perfect start, since it is a solid basis of software where one can make his specific tool on top.

BIMserver developments during study

Proposed workflow: the software developed in BIMserver filled the gabs commercial tools did lack off

During the development two plugins on BIMserver where made. Those plugins could be perfectly used in my workflow and filled the gab commercial software could not do for me. I decided to make the plugins available (this is not required but my own choice) for public so they can be used by anybody to test, adjust and improve. Ultimately this would lead into new stable solutions for the construction industry.

BIMserver was great to use for my research. I did not had to start developing software from scratch. If I had to I was probably not be able to graduate within a year.

Tutorials and explanation about the developed plugins can be found here: Event log service (  and Planning consult service (

Kind regards,
Stijn van Schaijk

Update: We got many questions about the availability of the data Stijn used in his project. These datasets are available on github. Read more about it here.