A historical day for ifcOWL

Today is a historical day. At the LDAC workshop in Eindhoven the different profiles of ifcOWL where coordinated  into one single agreed ifcOWL standard. Almost 10 years after Jakob Beetz first pitched the concept of ifcOWL to BuildingSMART, he was now leading the ‘technical session’ of the ‘Linked Data in Architecture and Construction’ workshop. After hours of debate and discussion the international research community left the room with a final, agreed version of ifcOWL.

The next step is to bring this version to the first BuildingSMART meeting to have it accepted at the official BuildingSMART ifcOWL.

This day will be remembered as a breakthrough for semantic BIM data  on the web. At we are committed to implement the new schema as fast as possible in the IFC2RDF plugin (update: this is done; many thanks to Pieter Pauwels). From that moment on there are many opportunities to developed new tools and features based on this technology. We are especially looking forward to the new model checking language based on N3.