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The official factsheet seems to be very popular. To serve users as best as possible there are now three languages available: English, German and Dutch. You can volunteer translating other languages. Send an e-mail to to help out. Have fun reading the factsheets!


We get a lot of questions about the BIMserver software. Most of them are really good questions. Most of the answers can be found on the website (or by simply using the software itself). Because the audience is growing and more and more people would like to have a factsheet about the BIMserver, we decided to create just that. introduces the BIMserver factsheet on

For now we only have a Dutch language (our native speech). English will follow soon. We like to invite you to help us translate to any language you prefer. in core of Dutch BIMserver pilot

The Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO and the Eindhoven University of Technology just released a call for participation (Dutch PDF) on a BIMserver pilot project.

The open source BIMserver project will become a core element of the pilot. The pilotproject has a strong focus on the Dutch AEC industry, but is also open for international participants. You will find more info (in Dutch) in the pdf of the original call.

Nine Dutch companies finish project on

Nine Dutch companies have finished a innovative project using the bimserver. The companies have gained insight in the development and advanced usage of the open source bimserver software. The nine companies are (mainly) software companies serving the AEC industry in the Netherlands. All of them are on the top of the market in their own field but they are working together to make sure that their users have the best possible BIM-experience.

These nine companies collaborated in an 8 months during knowledge transfer project that was partly funded by the Dutch government. Main goal of the project was to create new knowledge for the participants about IFC and the open source BIMserver. was one of the knowledge deliverers for this project.

Most of the companies were very positive about the project. Some of them even stated that they are going to adapt their own software to connect fluently to the open source bimserver software.

The Dutch government was also very optimistic. They think that open source and open standards are the main driver for innovation. The open source BIMserver could very well be the next driver for innovation in the AEC industry.

The nine participating companies are:

Arkey/Adomi (BIM modelling tool)

Bink (Calculating and simulating of buildingperformance)

Cadvisual (BIM consultants)

De Twee Snoeken (Software suite for AEC sector)

File2Share (Central storage for buildingprojects)

Vabi (Calculating and simulating of buildingperformance)

Van Meijel Software (process management software)

Van Zeeland Architecten (architect)

vMV-Cad (Software suite for AEC sector)