3 mugs are send so far

 Many of you have tested the Release Candidates for the 1.1 version of BIMserver. Some of you (3 to be exact) found a bug. All three bug finders (so far) recieved the official BIMserver Coffee mug. We are very thankfull that you are testing BIMserver with so much passion. For all others testers: keep testing! There are still a lot of Coffee mugs in stock. Although we hope there are as little as possible bugs to be found, we are happy to send these ‘thank you’-gifts to bug finders.

When you think you have found a bug, please post it on

For people who get scared from this blog post: don’t worry. All bugs that were found are fixed.

BIMserver breakfast 2010: September 1st

Just a short notice: the BIMserver breakfast of 2010 will be on September 1st.
After the successes of the previous BIMserver breakfasts we intent to expand this year. The concept is simple: al attendees get together to try out the BIMserver software, share ideas, find bugs, or anything else related to BIM and the open source BIMserver. There will be breakfast, coffee and some short presentations from the development team. More info on the location (probably will be the Netherlands) and how to sign in, will follow soon.

PS: The BIMserver breakfast is open for sponsors. More info on