Buy the “BIMserver Chalesm book”

After the BIMserver 1.0 release the software has been downloaded over 2000 times. has gained many enthouasiastic (new and existing) users; there are hundreds of BIMservers running on the net; thousands of users that benefit from the BIMserver features (on average there are 3-5 users per server install); the wiki is growing and also the support forum gets more and more detailed questions of (first time and advanced) users and developers. Really big (huge!) commercial companies have shown serious interest in; the svn codebase committers have doubled and work on the 1.1 release is on a peak at the moment. This project is growing towards a real open source community project. The founders are of course very happy to see this movement, but also have to face the typical contrast that this kind of progress has to face. Before BIMserver is outgrowing its own success we intent to ride the wave as long as possible. Of course, as every open source project, there has to be some funding for this. Just like every open source project, we have (had) a donation button, but nobody really uses a donation button. Our most fanatic users are employees of organisations that aren’t going to donate. Not to BIMserver, or any other project. Donations are strange things for companies. That’s why we thought of a little trick…. We are selling books. We sell official “BIMserver Chalesm books” for 40,- EUR each. The profit of this book selling goes directly, for 100% to normal business operating expenses like hosting, bandwidth, servers and hardware, legal costs, etc. Like any dignified open source project, the income from this book is explicitly not used to pay developers. Now you probably want to know what’s in the book. We can be short and simple about that: nothing. It’s a sketchbook with all blank pages. You can use it as a notebook, coaster, firelighter or whatever you want. The logo is on front and it even has an official ISBN number: 978-94-90466-02-2. If you want, you (or your employer) will receive an official invoice with VAT number and everything. So in other words: Buy the book and let your employer pay for it. Your employer probably feels a lot safer on buying an official book (even if it is blank) with invoice and VAT number. It’s up to you if you want to tell him what the book is really about….. You can order your copy here by clicking the ‘buy now’ button. We are very thankful when you do. Payment is processed by iDeal (click the logo) or Paypal (click the ‘Buy Now’).

Edit: migrating to the opensourceBIM shop. Buying the book will be available soon again.

You can also order a copy via e-mail. Just don’t forget to mention your adress, VAT number, etc… For those of you who wonder where to find written documentation about there is a constantly evolving wiki and pdf. For direct questions you can use our support forum. Please be aware that all this support is gratis.