Quick note on the ‘common BIM files’

Just a short and quick note about the ‘common BIM files‘. Some websites are mentioning that they are on, but this is not the case. Read the original, full story about the common BIM files on

As you will notice, the BuildingSMART alliance has used the software to create a special (unsupported) version of to support COBie data exchange. This feature will probably be in the next official BIMserver release as well. More on this in our next blogpost (in a few days).

For those of you who visit this site for the first time and want to know more about the initiative, feel free to see what our users think of the project:

“IFC needs modernization”

The open geospatial consortium and the BuildingSMART alliance have put the results of a ‘testbed’ online. In the testbed the teams discovered that areas of the IFC model are not as amenable to interoperability as once thought, and modernization is believed necessary.

A quote from their press release:
“The teams discovered that areas of the IFC model are not amenable for interoperability as commonly defined and practiced by industrial communities that require collaboration [..]. The IFC structure, first developed in the 1970’s, can be modernized by the community so that a more complete suite of benefits from interoperability reaches critical mass and adoption in the market. With IFC modernization, a far more open, comprehensive and intelligent life-cycle data model of buildings can be achieved. IFC modernization working in parallel with highly efficient network-based communication, process management, decision-support and performance simulation of design alternatives is the sweet spot for achieving benefit in real industry projects..”

This is one of the first public notices from BuildingSMART stating that IFC can and should be modernized to fit the needs of today. Users of software that experience intense project collaboration have been one of the first to notice this issue in practice. At we believe that modernizing IFC would be to best way to fully profit from the modern possibilities of technology and to fully fit the needs of today’s users.
The development-team of is very aware of the current issues, but also hopeful about future possibilities. The modernization of IFC is on of the key-issues for our RnD team. is happy and proud to be on the front of innovation by developing technology that helps stretching possibilities of IFC and the AEC-industry.

More info about the testbed and the webcast can be found at this link.