3 mugs are send so far

 Many of you have tested the Release Candidates for the 1.1 version of BIMserver. Some of you (3 to be exact) found a bug. All three bug finders (so far) recieved the official BIMserver Coffee mug. We are very thankfull that you are testing BIMserver with so much passion. For all others testers: keep testing! There are still a lot of Coffee mugs in stock. Although we hope there are as little as possible bugs to be found, we are happy to send these ‘thank you’-gifts to bug finders.

When you think you have found a bug, please post it on

For people who get scared from this blog post: don’t worry. All bugs that were found are fixed.

Support forum is very active support forum is very active that last couple of weeks. People from the BIMserver community are helping our each other on the public getsatisfaction forum.

When you have a question, found a bug, of just want to reach out to us, feel free to do so at
We love the feedback!

Update: The forum has moved to

Release candidate 5

Exactly one week before the release party the RC5 is now publicly available. The bugs from the RC4 were fixed and in that process we found a few more enhancements could be made to some features. Feel free to testdrive the RC5. Download it at or on our development site.

Release 1.0 Candidate 4

People keep asking how many release candidates will come before the stable release is there. At RC3 we really didn’t know. Today we say that RC4 will probably be the latest. We have everything in there we want in a 1.0 release. In RC3 there were still a few bugs that are solved now. If no bugs will be found in the RC4 it will be the stable release somewhere next week. We even made a 1.0 branche in the SVN repository to start working on the new backbone for the 1.1 or even 2.0 release. Only bugs and minor changes on this RC4 will be fixed before the stable release. Feel free to test it via