BIMserver software used in Dutch BIMCaseWeek

bimcaseweekThe software is used this week in the Dutch BIMCaseweek. The week (which only lasts for 4 days) started today. Two teams use the BIMserver software. TNO has provided a cloudserver with 16 Gb internal RAM memory to handle the big models. The teams use the BIMserver software for backup, revision management and of course the merging. One of the users said “I can not find any software that can merge the different models for construction, electrician, HVAC, et cetera… The BIMserver software is the only one that does the job“. The proof that the bimserver software can do the job,  can be found in the picture.

This is a big test for the software and we are very happy that the teams trust and like the software enough to use it in this competition.