Getting ready for the breakfast

The development-team is working night-shifts to get ready in time for the 2009 BIMserver-breakfast. The sourcecode is rapidly changing every day. The BIMserver software is transforming to a completely new architecture. The merging capabilities will become more in the core of the architecture (in stead of ‘just’ a feature) and the ‘difference finder’ is getting better and better every day. Some of our first users call this new version ‘the best BIMserver ever’. The development team just hopes it will be ready in time for the breakfast….

If you plan to look at the new features at the BIMserver-breakfast, don’t forget to send us an e-mail that you are coming over (so we can make sure there will be enough of the brown stuff). on FOSS4G2009

These days all the open source GIS nerds are attending the FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial information) congress in Sydney Australia. Because the BIM world and the GIS world are starting to overlap each other, was also present at this conference. We made a contribution by presenting the CityGML extension for BIM and it’s implementation in For those of you who missed it you can find the sheets, the extension and some example files on

Update: find everything on