Slowing down to normal cruising speed

The development team was speeding up real nice the last couple of weeks. The core of the software changed and updated again to new technology. The development team always has strong focus on the core of the software, instead of adding cool features without thinking them through. The last couple of weeks a few core changes were made that improve stability and performance once more. One of the coolest changes is the automatic generation of SOAP objects. From now on the SOAP objects are generated from the EMF core model. This makes future development faster and the bimserver more stable after changes. A nice side effect of this improvement is the easy generation of a log. The next feature in the bimserver will be a log for the administrator so he can see what happened in his server.

After this intens core development and improvement, the team is slowing down to ‘normal cruising speed’. We decided that we are going to skip the 0.9 release because the stability and performance are now at the level we want for a 1.0 stable release. There’s a 64bit option, a second JVM for stability, streaming data exchange, webbased O3D viewer,  et cetera. The current planning for the 1.0 release is somewhere around summer. If you can’t wait that long you might consider funding our team. We have great sponsor packages that focus on adding value for your company as well as for the BIMserver development.

Running fast…. jumping over 0.9?

The development team is gaining speed. We are running fast at the moment. Peter is working on the transition from JNative to JNA to make sure everything also works on 64bits machines. Pim is doing a great job on the IFC Clashdetection and working on making the IFC Engine DLL to handle streaming data. Ruben did a memory optimalisation and is now fixing some bugs. It looks like we are jumping to the 1.0 release before the summer and skipping the planned 0.9 release. Michel and Léon are busy thinking about what comes after 1.0, discussing Joseki and ontologies (we won’t bother you with that right now).
For the moment all signs are green for a big release party (?). Just to give you guys a sneak preview of what’s comming up:

  • Memory usage optimalisation.
  • Optimised map from reading database (no more wrapped values).
  • Optimsed webbased modelbrowser.
  • No more recursion on read/write (so no more geen stack overflow).
  • O3D webbased modelviewer.
  • Advanced query options in browser (rule language).
  • Integrated clash detection.

So keep track of the demo-server and the mailinglists.