First stable release

About two weeks ago the second release candidate of the bimserver came online. After two weeks of intense testing (by ourselves and by you, the users) we did not find any new bugs. That is why we think it is time to release the first stable version of the bimserver: 0.1.

You can download the builds on

When you have some new ideas or feature requests, please let us know so we might implement them in the next release.

We hope to also have a demoserver online in the beginning of next week. The demoserver can be used to play around with the bimserver without having to download and install it.

Update: the downloads are now on

“Not a 0.1 anymore”

About a week ago the first public release of the bimserver came online. Version 0.1, release candidate 1. We still had some known issues, but wanted to know if there were some ‘unknown’ issues. You helped us a lot by testing the first version and by giving us your feedback. The best feedback we had was lot of people saying that this is not a 0.1 version but more like a 1.0. We have some wild ideas for the 1.0 version, so for the time being we stick to the 0.1.

Thanks to your help in testing, we have done some development and publish the second release candidate today. You can download it on We’ve fixed the know issues, and added some new features. You can see the changes in the changelog.  The best new feature (we think) is that the standalone BIMserver jarfile now has a simple UI that makes starting/stopping the server easier.

What we also did was pushing 3Gb of IFC files into the server, and pulling it out again.  Just to test the reading, writing mechanism. Some new bugs came up, but we fixed them immediately. Thanks to that we now have some cool error messages when the server gets a corrupt IFC file. You can see an example on this link (generated from the almost 1600 IFC files we have used during the test).

Let’s hope the feedback will be just as good this time so we can have a official 0.1 version in this month.

First public launch

Welcome to our new website. This new website comes with the first official public available version of the open source BIMserver. We have called our first result version 0.1RC1. Yes, indeed it is still a Release Candidate, as it should be, because it is only tested very basically. Of course the software is free to use. This version has some issues we know about. We are working on them and they will be fixed in the first release. Instead of waiting a few weeks until they are fixed, we decided to go public today so the community can help us improve the software. So please help us in the development and give us feedback on your tests. We have a price for the first one that finds a bug (and of course eternal fame). You can find the download at Have fun!