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Releases coming up

It is the end of the year and we are trying to finish all the deadline projects. This really pushes us in the development cycle. We expect to have new beta releases and release candidates in the beginning of next year. Main new feature is the combined IFC4 and IFC 2×3 capabilities. We could really […]

Some metrics about ‘large’ models

We are getting a lot of questions about the ability of BIMserver to handle large models. Most of the time our answer is that you have to allocate more heap memory. We’ve never seen a model that cannot be handled by BIMserver because of its size. Recently some users asked us to perform a quick research […]

Bug Bounty inspiration

As our previous post suggested, we are getting more confident about the stability of BIMserver. But even more important is that we are getting more passionate about stability. For quite a while the opening phrase on our website is referring to the usage of BIMserver as ‘a stable foundation’ of ‘a strong base to build […]

Automated validation for IFC building models

Chi Zang is a Phd student at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His researchtopic is about “Automated validation for IFC building models“. He published a paper about this topic at the ECPPM conference in Vienna (Austria) this month. He won the ‘Best phd Paper’-award during that conference. In the development of this research he was […]

1000 dollars for your IFC file?

As you know, at BIMserver.org we intent to build a stable and reliable foundation for other developers to build their tools on. We are very proud and quite confident about the work we released so far. Of course we never rest and keep testing on a constant base. We need the help of the users […]

Doing one thing very good

As the loyal readers of this blog know, we joined the ‘open source BIM collective’ a while ago. There are many practical reasons why this decision was easy: we share a support forum, hosting and bandwidth and we face the same legal issues regarding licensing questions from users. But the main reason why we actually […]


 We’ve been experimenting with IFC4.  Because the core of BIMserver is generated  from an IFC schema it is not very difficult to create a BIMserver with IFC4 database instead of the current IFC2x3 (the database schema is also generated from core). The challenge is to have IFC4 ánd IFC2x3 files in the same core and […]

Don’t panic

It is almost May 25th. This means it is almost Towel Day. To honor Towel Day, we created special BIMserver.org towels. You can find them in the open source BIM online shop.  Use the coupon code ‘MAY25’ to claim a free towel! This shop is just recently online, so our hidden agenda is to have you […]

Release 1.3.0 final

The final 1.3.0 release has been build. For those of you who followed the release candidates there is not much new. For those who are still on 1.2 we have some huge changes. The biggest changes are the improved integration of render plugins, and the new plugin type ‘modelchecking’. Download it from our github page and […]