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Metrics on the Elasstic project

The EU supported researchproject Elasstic has been using BIMserver to create a new BIM concept in the security domain. During the project BIMserver was used to store IFC data and trigger remote services (now called ‘BIM Bots’). We will go into detail later about the Elasstic BIM concept (that also involved Multi Criteria Analyses for […]

Release 1.4 final: support for both IFC 2×3 and IFC4

We’ve made the 1.4 release final today. Biggest improvement is the support for both IFC4 and 2×3 in one project (each sub-project can have a different version). Furthermore there are some improvements on memory use and performance. When you build something on top of BIMserver you have to notice that most of the API calls […]

Many BIMserver applications during AECHack

At any AEC Hackathon BIMserver (and other open source BIM tools) are used to  improve the built environment. The AEC Hack event in the Netherlands took place in Eindhoven last weekend. Since this is the birth place of  BIMserver, many participants seemed very enthusiastic to use it. The 45 participants from over ten different countries […]

In the spotlight: BIM as a Service

There are many many spin-offs of BIMserver products. Some really large BIM software product use BIMserver as their backend without anyone seeing it. You might even been using BIMserver without noticing. Since there are so many we cannot advertise all of them, and really don’t like to favor one. But there is one special one. […]

Public test/demo server

Today we’ve put a demo/test server online available for the public. You can find it on https://thisisanexperimentalserver.com/ Please note that the URL is chosen for a reason: this is a server we use to test and evaluate the software. It might run the latest version from github, it might run an older release. Every once […]

A historical day for ifcOWL

Today is a historical day. At the LDAC workshop in Eindhoven the different profiles of ifcOWL where coordinated  into one single agreed ifcOWL standard. Almost 10 years after Jakob Beetz first pitched the concept of ifcOWL to BuildingSMART, he was now leading the ‘technical session’ of the ‘Linked Data in Architecture and Construction’ workshop. After […]

The model checking plugin

We’ve been getting some questions about the model checking feature of BIMserver. In this post we’ll try to explain some of the capabilities. Many ask us what standard we use for the model checks. The answer is clear: none. Just like with the query language we couldn’t find a standard that is stable enough  to […]

Release 1.4.0 final

Release 1.4.0 final is out. You can find it on https://github.com/opensourceBIM/BIMserver/releases/tag/1.4.0-FINAL-2015-05-14 It is the first release where we are able to combine IFC 2×3 and IFC4 in the same database. Users are now able to have a project with models from different structure. For example the architect in IFC2x3 and the Construction Engineer in IFC4. We could […]

Upcoming release: test data migration

As we discussed earlier, the database of the 1.4 release of BIMserver will be significantly different from 1.3. We didn’t give priority to create a migration script for the database so you need to start with a fresh install of BIMserver when you use 1.4. To accommodate users that really want their data from a […]

bimvie.ws collaboration

The BIMserver.org team is working in close collaboration with the bimvie.ws project. This is resulting in a massive improved user experience for BIMserver and a big step in performance for bimvie.ws. As soon as BIMserver 1.4 will be released, the bimvie.ws plugin will also be ready for users. Update april 2: additional screenshots