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BIMserver is supporting IFC4 almost since the final version was released. We have the option to store data as IFC2x3 or as IFC4 and transform the data between the two versions. So far our users have not found IFC4 very useful because it doesn’t seem to add value to practical usage. Nevertheless IFC4 has some great […]

Call for a test team        

Release 2.0 is coming up. As always we do very intensive testing of the BIMserver platform. The 2.0 release has some major changes that drastically effect plugins and webmodules. To make sure all components interact correctly, we need some drastic human testing. Therefore we are looking for people that want to test the tools and […]

Hello Schependomlaan

As many of you in the BIM innovation community noticed, Stijn van Schaijk posted a huge amount of public available BIM data on github. Gigabytes of data including IFC data, BCF, pointclouds, schedules, log files, etc. are open available for R&D and educational purposes. The bimvie.ws GUI has a new feature to automatically import the whole […]

BIM and GIS integration

While the development of BIMserver 2.0 is taking most of our time, every now and then we have an experimental project on the side. Sometimes for clients that couldn’t find a solution for their challenge, sometimes for clients that are stuck in their development. Most of the ‘side projects’ are fun for us and every […]

Developer videos online

On huge request, we created new developer videos. They are on the youtube channel of the open source BIM collective in the ‘Developers’ playlist. Basically we installed a screenrecorder on a new laptop and installed everything from scratch. You see the download and installation of Eclipse, Java, the setup of the Git gepositories, installation of […]

Elasstic EU research project report available

As mentioned before (here, here and here) the BIMserver.org team was highly envolved in the EU supported research project Elasstic. The ELASSTIC concept is about the communication between these three main technology groups: Building Information Simulation models Sensor information A fourth technology called ‘Multi Criteria Analyses’ (MCA) is providing the end-user the interface to evaluate safety […]

Release of 1.5

The 1.5 release came online at github. The 1.5 branch is considered a ‘developers branch’. The internals of BIMserver have drastically changed. The 2.0 version which is upcoming will have changes in the API / ServiceInterface. Developers that use internal plugins in their tools should have a look at this 1.5 release. Developers that connect […]

We are hiring!

  The use and development of the BIMserver.org platform is accelerating. The 1.3 release has been downloaded 80.000 times. That is great! Therefore we have several job openings for Java developers. Are you a Java developer that really understands the fundamentals of Java? Are you used to working with Eclipse and the Eclipse Modeling Framework […]

Sneak preview 1.5 release

To get straight to the point: 1.5 will be a developers release. We intent to move to 2.0 as soon as possible after 1.5. The reason we do release 1.5 is because the internals of BIMserver have drastically changed.  When you are a BIMserver developer you should definitely  have a look at this. There are […]

New Year’s resolutions

Before the ending of the year, it is time to think about New Year’s resolutions. The last year was a good one: many new applications have been build on top of BIMserver and a significant number of commercial suppliers provide services for BIMserver. Large and small BIM products use BIMserver at their backend to deal […]