In the heart of your BIM

We believe that in a fragmented industry like the AEC there is no one tool that can do everything. We believe in focussed applications that do one thing very good. That is why we created a platform to easily build focussed tools. We lower the threshold to build niche applications fast and stable. The platform gives programmers a flying start with the development of BIM tools.

The core of the software is based on the open standard IFC and therefore knows how to handle IFC data (both IFC 2×3 as IFC4). The BIMserver is nót a fileserver; data are interpreted and stored as objects in an underlying database. The main advantage of this approach is the possibility to query, merge and filter the BIM data. There are many possibilities to connect to the software (interfaces, API’s). This makes it possible to write your own (closed source) application but still use the BIMserver platform underneath. The core of the BIMserver software is published with the GNU Affero GPLv3 licence.

Many (commercial and non-commercial) application trust BIMserver as their base. So you might already be using BIMserver without knowing it….

Cory Silva

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Kimon Onuma

We are looking for any solutions that support the facility life cycle for FEDifm using BIMserver

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