BIM and GIS integration

While the development of BIMserver 2.0 is taking most of our time, every now and then we have an experimental project on the side. Sometimes for clients that couldn’t find a solution for their challenge, sometimes for clients that are stuck in their development.

Most of the ‘side projects’ are fun for us and every project seems to be crucial for the clients that request them. We try to make the results of these small initiatives available for the public. This is not always possible, but most of the times we manage to find a solution.

Last week Ruben made a transformation from IFC geometry to the Cesium framework. It will be available in the next release of BIMserver, but of course it is already available for developers. When you are familiar with Cesium, feel free to try this code, which generates the Schependomlaan dataset, in your Cesium sandbox.

cesium integration