We are hiring!


The use and development of the BIMserver.org platform is accelerating. The 1.3 release has been downloaded 80.000 times. That is great! Therefore we have several job openings for Java developers. Are you a Java developer that really understands the fundamentals of Java? Are you used to working with Eclipse and the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)? And, most important, do you have what it takes to change the world?

Send us your motivation with a list of previous work. When you did something with IFC or BIMserver in the past, please elaborate on that. There are some things that could be improved on BIMserver. When you feel motivated to work on those, please let us know how you would approach them.

E-mail us on jobs@opensourcebim.org

Don’t have enterprise Java knowledge but still want to contribute to a game changing development team? We have several short-term freelance jobs to write plug-ins (internal services and serialisers). In this case we do like to see some previous effort. Send your resume to jobs@opensourcebim.org