Release 1.4 final: support for both IFC 2×3 and IFC4

We’ve made the 1.4 release final today. Biggest improvement is the support for both IFC4 and 2×3 in one project (each sub-project can have a different version). Furthermore there are some improvements on memory use and performance.

When you build something on top of BIMserver you have to notice that most of the API calls have changed. Because of the use of multiple IFC schemas it is now necessary to add the schema in most of the API calls.

The IFC4 features have been tested as good as possible. We are used to more intensive testing, but don’t have enough valid IFC4 data to make any guarantees. Any help/data is welcome. The stability of the whole platform, and the usual stability of the IFC2x3 parts are obviously still in there.

We are very happy to announce that this release is in conjunction with and IfcOpenShell. This means the plugins are already updated to the new version of BIMserver, which creates a very low threshold for users.

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