In the spotlight: BIM as a Service

There are many many spin-offs of BIMserver products. Some really large BIM software product use BIMserver as their backend without anyone seeing it. You might even been using BIMserver without noticing. Since there are so many we cannot advertise all of them, and really don’t like to favor one.

But there is one special one. Just recently “BIM as a Service” came online. All of a sudden. Also for us out of the blue. We just want to stress that we are nót affiliated in any way with this initiative. The reason why they are in this blog is  because they just  seem to get it. They understand.

“BIM as a Service” is a product from Mitra Innovations. An international company with a great track record in online services. Mitra combined WSO2 and BIMserver to build the BIMaaS product. They published a paper on how they did that.

The nice thing about BIMaaS is that they don’t centralize BIM and don’t try to get everyone on one island to collaborate. We’ve been supporters of that concept for a while now. BIMaaS uses the power of WSO2 to link to excising/legacy systems in your organization. The BIM data is ‘just’ another data source. Great vision that we fully support and share.

To top off, BIMaaS is open source and publicly available. This means the guys from Mitra also understand where their added value is and work according to a great business model.

All in all a message that we thought deserved to be in the spotlight. Have a look at


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