Upcoming release: test data migration

As we discussed earlier, the database of the 1.4 release of BIMserver will be significantly different from 1.3. We didn’t give priority to create a migration script for the database so you need to start with a fresh install of BIMserver when you use 1.4. To accommodate users that really want their data from a 1.3.x BIMserver into their new 1.4 installation, we created a migration script. What is does is download the data from the old BIMserver and import it in the new 1.4 database. This is only tested once on one of our own projects. It seemed to work, but we cannot guarantee that is works all the time. You need to be some kind of nerd magician to get this working because there are no buttons to push, but actual java classes to run. We have a short guideline on https://github.com/opensourceBIM/BIMserver/wiki/Migrating-1.3-to-1.4 and of course when you really are a nerd, you will find everything you need in the code: https://github.com/opensourceBIM/BIMserver/blob/master/BimServer/src/org/bimserver/TriggerImportDataRemote.java

We call everyone who thinks they need this to test it before the final 1.4 version is coming. We expect this soon now, so please make sure you have your database ready when it comes. Feel free to use http://support.opensourcebim.org for additional support and bug reports. Good luck!

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