BIMserver 1.4: new core and database supporting both IFC2x3 and IFC4

Just a quick note that we are working hard on the release of BIMserver 1.4. This will be the version with ability to checkin IFC2x3 and IFC4 data in the same database, and even in the same (main)project. This enables project partners that don’t have the ability to tune their IFC versions to still be able to collaborate.

This means the core and database structure of BIMserver will change radically.

At this moment we do not have funding to create an automatic update script. Also the interface will chance. On some calls we had to add a field to define the schema. When you are building tools on top or inside BIMserver 1.3, you will have some work to update to 1.4. So please make yourself acquaintant with the new core and interface of BIMserver 1.4 to make sure updates will go as fluent as possible.

We are trying to create a script to transfer data from 1.3 servers to a 1.4 installation but this will not be incorporated in the release and there will be some manual work evolved. More on this later.

At this moment the biggest setback in releasing the 1.4 version is that we don’t have enough IFC4 models to test the stability of our implementation. We could really use the help of the community to provide IFC4 data to test reliability and stability of the BIMserver framework. Feel free to send your models to As we take much pride in the stability of the platform we don’t feel confident about releasing a product that is not tested thoroughly.

Keep track of the github page for more info.

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