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As our previous post suggested, we are getting more confident about the stability of BIMserver. But even more important is that we are getting more passionate about stability. For quite a while the opening phrase on our website is referring to the usage of BIMserver as ‘a stable foundation’ of ‘a strong base to build on’. The team working on and with BIMserver is growing and this certainly improves the stability of the platform.

To get to the next step we need you! That is why we tried to start a Bug Bounty program. The famous ‘find a bug, get a mug’ program is a success for years and it is now time to take it up a notch.

We experimented a bit with bountysource and providing eternal gratitude, but nothing just gives us that warming feeling of an active community.

So…. We need you. We need you ín the bug bountry program, but we also need you to help us setup the program by giving us a push in the right direction. Any help is welcome. Any help is another bit of improving a great open BIM platform.



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