1000 dollars for your IFC file?

dollarsAs you know, at BIMserver.org we intent to build a stable and reliable foundation for other developers to build their tools on. We are very proud and quite confident about the work we released so far. Of course we never rest and keep testing on a constant base. We need the help of the users for that because we need IFC data to test our tools. That is why we created the bug bounty program. We are still not sure on how to shape that program, but decided to at least give a reward of 1000 dollars to anyone who provides us (in the next couple of months) with an IFC model that crashes the BIMserver platform.

Of course the IFC model you provide should be a valid IFC model. We have some known issues that we think are not affecting this challenge, but nonetheless those are excluded (just to be on the safe side). The challenge is to be conducted on the latest stable release of BIMserver (so not the IFC4 beta release). Needless to add that this is about BIMserver. Most users add IfcOpenShell, bimvie.ws and other plugins to BIMserver. These plugins could cause issues, but obviously we are talking about just BIMserver here.

Please send the files to ifc@bimserver.org. We understand that sending large files can be a problem, but tools like wetransfer and dropbox can help you with that.  We strongly encourage to share your models public under a creative commons license. In that case, please send a pull request to the IFC repository on github. That repository is used to test all tools of the open source BIM collective so every contribution is highly appreciated. We even appreciate it so much that we randomly draw a winner from the contributors to collect the 1000 dollars when nobody collects the money from the bug bounty. All contributors will get a BIMserver.org coffee mug, a towel and our eternal gratitude.  People that add IFC4 models to the github repository will receive an extra surprise.





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