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The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Military Health System and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), combined, manage in excess of 210 million square feet of healthcare facilities and just completed a series of projects through the National Institute of Building Sciences centered on planning, design and operations of facilities. The team developed strategic plans, road maps and proofs of concept using BIM, geographic information systems (GIS) and facility management (FM). It delivered a strategic vision for FED iFM (Federal integrated facility management). FED iFM is an initiative to create shared and common practices for integrated facility management in federal agencies and the private sector. The vision is a technology hub of software and applications that can be used for rapid and agile development of tools or innovative practices for moving data from early planning through design, construction and into operations and facility sustainment. Open source as well as proprietary technologies will be evaluated within an integrated platform of cloud and server-based environments.

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FED iFM Ecosystem

Onuma Systems and the Netherlands organization for applied scientific research TNO have joined forces to evaluate the platform for use in the FED iFM ecosystem. Join this webinar on February 18th to learn more about the concept [update: watch a webinar about the concept here]. Important part of the strategic vision of FED iFM is to ‘get the data flowing’ between applications. This was the theme of a workshop that was organized last month in Washington D.C. The goals of the workshop were to share a vision on FED iFM; share the results of current federal agency initiatives that are striving for the FED iFM vision; engage with private sector owners, architects and professional organizations to build a bridge of collaboration and shared interests in achieving the FED iFM vision; and enlist technology service providers to build platforms, applications (apps) and app marketplaces to access agency data repositories and to foster and enable the realization and success of the FED iFM vision. During this workshop TNO gave a presentation about BIMserver and their vision on how to ‘get data flowing between applications’. The presentation was recorded and is available here.

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