Release cycle for 1.3.0 started

We just started our new release cycle for 1.3.0. We hope it will be a shorter cycle than the last time, but really can’t promise anything…. At this moment our RC1 is on google code but we intend to move released to github as soon as possible (update: we are now on github with 1.3.0 release)

As you can see on the closed issues a lot of work has been done. The main work was on improving memory use, plugin stability and stability. We also did a lot of work on the BIMSie concept of ‘remote services’. The main new  feature  in 1.3.0 is that we now have the option to generate geometry during checkin. This geometry calculation hás to be done by an IFC rendering plugin. At BIMserver we still want to focus on the server part, nog on the geometry stuff. After calculation, the geometry is  stored (as tessellated triangles) in the bimserver database with the original IFC object. This makes it easy for developers to retrieve IFC object information and geometry from the BIMserver framework. In the previous versions of BIMserver geometry calculation had to be done be the serializers. They could use the IFC rendering plugins, but it had to be done every time a call was made to the server. From now on you have the option to only do it once during checkin and have very fast reliable respons during use. At this moment there are two geometry calculation plugins available in BIMServer: the closed source IFC Engine from RDF, and the open source IfcOpenShell from Thomas Krijnen.


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