Release 1.2.0 final(ly)

At last the final version of BIMserver 1.2.0 is released. You can find it on our google code site.

Some of the new features include the ability to add non-IFC data to the database. Users can now add ‘extended data’ to revisions and projects. Not all data can be added. This is controlled by the server administrator. Every BIMserver administrator has to authorize data schemas first so users, or external services can add extended data according to an authorised schema.

As beta-testers already saw, there is a new plugin type called ‘query plugin’. Wiet Mazairac created a plugin for the open BIM Query Language ( which is included in the BIMserver build. We also added an ‘internal service’ plugin that lowers the threshold for developers to build custom BIMservers for a specific feature.

The reason why it took so long was because we had to change a lot in the interface to make it compliant with the new BIMSie API standard for BIM in the cloud. We are proud to be the first open source project that supports this initiative.

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