Elasstic project started

(updated after name change of project)

This week the EU co-funded research project “ELASSTIC” started. The overall objective of the ELASSTIC project is to improve the safety, security and resilience of large scale multifunctional building complexes to natural and man-made disasters by providing a methodology and tools which enable to include security and resilience from the early design and planning phase of such projects. BIM is an important part of the project, and BIMserver solutions are explicitly mentioned in the description of work. The project duration is 36 months.
In short BIMserver solutions are used as a BIM data store with event driven connections to simulation models. This fits our vision with BIMSie and we are very happy to have the opportunity to work with valuable partners like Siemens, Arcadis, Fraunhofer, Schüßler-Plan, Incode, North by Northwest and JA architects.

The projects can be split into a couple of cornerstones: BIM, Building Management systems (BMS), real time monitoring system (sensors), and Simulation models viewing results in a Multi Criteria Analyses (MCA) dashboard. An overview of the relation between these topics is shown in the overview picture.

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