Find a bug, get a mug!

As you might have noticed, work at BIMserver has not stopped. At the moment we have a strong focus on stability and support. To grow a community around BIMserver we like to launch a “Find a bug, get a mug!”-campaign. The deal is simple: when you find a bug, post a question on the support forum. When it really is a bug, we will fix it and send you a genuine BIMserver mug. We are starting this campaign to fix bugs and increase stability of BIMserver.  This campaign is not new, but we have new mugs that are more beautiful than the previous ones (and so far we only send out 5 mugs for minor bugs that were found).

By the way… you don’t have to find a bug to get a mug. Any help in fulfilling our goal is worth a mug. Join our philosophy and help make the world a better place!

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