Philosophy and guiding principles

Since 2008 there is a small team working on the BIMserver platform. It started as an experiment that failed (multiple times), but turned out to a stable piece of software. The last year BIMserver made a transformation from a single piece of software to an open platform for everybody to build upon. At this point the number of people working on a BIMserver feature, plugin or extension has grown tremendously. The road we traveled might seem a bit unpredictable for a bystander, but was guided by a few principles and a steady mission. Looking back it seemed time that we publish these guiding principles. That is why we created a new page:

We see a bright future for the BIMserver movement coming up. The team has some great plans that (like all great plans) could revolutionize the industry. Regardless of the success or failure of these new directions, the guiding principles will always be around. Now you might understand a bit better why we do the things we do (and don’t do!).