COBie and BIMserver find each other (even more)

We are very enthousiastic and proud to announce that the first external plug-in for BIMserver 1.1 is a COBie import/export plug-in . From the 1.0 release to the 1.1 release of BIMserver, some major changes have been made in the code structure. From the ‘one big chunk of code’ that 1.0 was, we grew into an agile open framework with a stable plug-in infrastructure. The idea behind this is to enhance and stimulate the development of plug-ins, add-ons and extensions to the BIMserver platform. In the coming months more extensions and plug-ins created by other organizations will be made available for BIMserver, but in this blog post we would like to create some attention for the first plug-in that was made by the US army corps of engineers. The plug-in we are talking about is actually two plug-ins: a COBie serialiser and a COBie deserialiser (import and export).
Advanced and fanatic BIMserver users will probably note that the COBie export was already in the 1.0 release (thanks to Nick Nisbet) and that would be correct. In the new 1.1 release, a plug-in for COBie will be available in the new plug-in infrastructure. The big advantage of this new plug-in is that it is build to directly interface the BIMserver core. This makes the performance much higher. Another advantage for the development teams is the complete split between the BIMserver core/framework and the COBie plug-ins. In practice this means that the COBie plug-ina and BIMserver can (will) have separate update sequences.

The COBie plug-in is still under development and has some disclaimers, but we believe in its great potential. For more information about this plug-in you can contact Bill East.

More plug-ins from teams outside the core BIMserver-team will be available on short notice. We will keep you up to date about them on this blog and on

The release of BIMserver 1.1 (final) is planned for the first quarter of 2012. A developers beta is already available.

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