openBIMweek: BIM codesprint

During the openBIMweek 2011 inAmsterdam a BIM Codesprint was organized by the open source BIM network. During this codesprint enthusiastic developers were challenged by ZEEP Architects fromAmersfoort to build a webbased (WebGL) IFC viewer. As you know, there is a very buggy, beta WebGL viewer in BIMserver 1.0, but ZEEP has greater ambitions. Therefore a small team worked on a WebGL output using the ThreeJS library components. The result of this 12 hour codesprint is remarkable. The team created a viewer that has a live link to BIMserver component. By clicking on an object  (for example a wall) the object highlights and feeds the browser with the IFC GUID. This is the base for a completely new webbased IFC viewer. Please have a look at the source code or the screenshot. Credits go to the team on the photo below.


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