2011 BIMserver Breakfast

The 2011 BIMserver Breakfast has past some weeks ago now… Not much attention was given to it on our website. As always the public was huge. This year 120 people registered and attended. There was a variation of users from completely new ones that had to learn about the software and concept from scratch, to advanced users that were curious about the new 1.1 features.

You can ‘re-live’ the BIMserver Breakfast on http://breakfast2011.BIMserver.org/
The general atmosphere was that this 4th BIMserver Breakfast might be the last one for a while. BIMserver.org is now widely known in the AEC industry and the learning curve is very pleasant. Getting to know BIMserver.org and using it is pretty easy. With the documentation coming up within a few months, the need to ‘get together’ to introduce this new world isn’t needed anymore.
Of course, as BIMserver.org will evolve, new reasons will come up to organize BIMserver Breakfasts again in the future. We also encourage users all over the world to organize their own BIMserver Breakfast. If you plan to do so, please let us help you. Contact us at breakfast@bimserver.org
At the bottom of this post you’ll find some photos and videos made by participants.

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