Integration of BIM and DMS/Workflow

DMS and Workflow for BIMserverThe development team always gets a lot of questions like ‘can I link pdfs to IFC objects?’ or ‘is there a way to create a workflow in the BIMserver?’ We strongly believe that the open source BIMserver is a BIMserver in its core and should stay that way. We kindly reject all feature requests about Document Management and Workflow. We just do what we are good at: IFC and BIM. However, the SOAP interface of the BIMserver has been around since release 0.1 and was always indented for other applications to interface with the BIMserver and its IFC data. During the BIMserver breakfast there were two Birds of a Feather presentations that both showed applications interacting with the BIMserver software using SOAP. One of them was a ‘send to server’ and ‘get from server’ button in Revit. This way a user doesn’t have to export nor import an IFC model and upload/download it from the server manually. The button in Revit does this automatically. This was developed by ICN solutions.

Another presentation showed the progress of an Alfresco plug-in to interact with BIMserver data. Alfresco is an open source Document Management System (DMS) that is very professional. An agile company from Amsterdam called Perfect Blue has created the plug-in. Features of this plug-in are: linking documents (like pdf) to specific IFC objects, latest IFC objects, BIMserver projects or revisions. The plug-in also enables the Alfresco workflow module to interact with your BIMserver. This is a great way of using workflow for BIM. By using the plug-in the user completely uses the Alfresco graphical user interface. The BIMserver GUI is (for obvious reasons) ignored. Feel free to have a look at (in Dutch) for more information. The site doesn’t state the license of the plug-in, but because the developers are open source fans, we trust that it will be free and open source.

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