BIMserver in the cloud

Cloudcomputing is become more and more a trend. The AEC industry also found the benefits of web applications in the cloud. The open source BIMserver is also available for cloudcomputing. TNO has tested this a few months ago (which let into the use of a cloudserver for the BIMcaseweek). Recent tests have shown that BIMserver software is stable in the cloud. The BIMserver development team has a special relationship with rackspacecloud that makes it possible to run a BIMserver in the cloud. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Scientific paper about open source BIMserver

ddss 2010
There are many questions from the scientific world about the innovations in the open source BIMserver. As most of you know, the core of the team consist of the Eindhoven University of  Technology (TU/e) and the Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO. Both of these institutes collaborated on a scientific paper for the “10th International Conference on Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning” (July 2010). The paper was presented by Jakob Beetz (TU/e) and is part of the conference proceedings (ISBN: 978-90-6814-181-8). You can download the paper via this link (pdf).

Preparing the BIMserver Breakfast and 1.0 release

For those of you who think we fell asleep: we didn’t. We are working hard on the first 1.0 release candidate. Last week a group of our most valued users have received a private beta of the 1.0 release. They gave us some great feedback on which we are working right now. We plan to publish a first release candidate by the end of August. During the BIMserver Breakfast 2010 on September 1st a group of over 100 people (115 registered until today; and they keep coming) will test the very latest version of the code that day. We hope they do not find too much bugs and give some valuable feedback. If everything goes well the 1.0 stable release will be public in September. We focused on stability in the core and performance of the kernel; but of course there are a lot of new features as well. We even changed (attention: changed may not mean it’s improved….) the GUI. Find a sneak preview below.