Factsheet translations

The official BIMserver.org factsheet seems to be very popular. To serve users as best as possible there are now three languages available: English, German and Dutch. You can volunteer translating other languages. Send an e-mail to translate@bimserver.org to help out. Have fun reading the factsheets!

BIMserver breakfast 2010: September 1st

Just a short notice: the BIMserver breakfast of 2010 will be on September 1st.
After the successes of the previous BIMserver breakfasts we intent to expand this year. The concept is simple: al attendees get together to try out the BIMserver software, share ideas, find bugs, or anything else related to BIM and the open source BIMserver. There will be breakfast, coffee and some short presentations from the development team. More info on the location (probably will be the Netherlands) and how to sign in, will follow soon.

PS: The BIMserver breakfast is open for sponsors. More info on http://breakfast.BIMserver.org/2010/

BIMserver pilot info

Returning readers of this blog have noticed the start of a BIMserver Pilot 2010 in the Netherlands. This bimserver pilot is not limited to just the open source BIMserver, but it will probably have a strong focus.

The kickoff meeting of the pilot has taking place at TNO. During this meeting quite a large number of participants elaborated on what they expect and want to contribute in the pilot. TNO is now working on a projectplan to set off with this pilot.

For those of you who want to keep up with things going on in the pilot, or even want to participate: join the special mailinglist at http://bimserver.org/mailman/listinfo/pilot2010_BIMserver.org
This is the only form of communication about this pilot. The projectplan will be send to participants using this mailinglist. Most of the conversations will be in Dutch, but most Dutch people speak pretty good English, so feel free to join in.


We get a lot of questions about the BIMserver software. Most of them are really good questions. Most of the answers can be found on the website (or by simply using the software itself). Because the audience is growing and more and more people would like to have a factsheet about the BIMserver, we decided to create just that.

BIMserver.org introduces the BIMserver factsheet on http://www.bimserver.org/factsheet/

For now we only have a Dutch language (our native speech). English will follow soon. We like to invite you to help us translate to any language you prefer.