Viewing your BIM information on the beach using the iPad!

The geeks and nerds at have a huge interested in new developments. Most of us have already used the new Apple iPad just to try it out.

The last few weeks we get a lot of press releases from softwaretools that claim the ‘now work on the iPad’.
We believe we can not stay behind on this hype and that is why we feel we have to get this out in the world: It’s now possible to check your BIM model on the beach using your iPad!
Your BIMserver can be accessed using your iPad and this makes it possible to use the interface everywhere in the world!
Have a look at the screenshot to became just as enthusiastic as we are.

For smart readers: the open source BIMserver software is platform independent and runs on everything that has Java installed (on other words: everyting). To connect to the BIMserver software there are several different interfaces available. The web userinterface is the most famous and most used. To connect to your BIMserver all you need is a web browser. Because the iPad has a web brower build in it is possible to evaluatie your BIM model. You probably get the point by now: this statement is just a funny response (well we think it’s funny) to the marketing of commercial software builders.

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