Running fast…. jumping over 0.9?

The development team is gaining speed. We are running fast at the moment. Peter is working on the transition from JNative to JNA to make sure everything also works on 64bits machines. Pim is doing a great job on the IFC Clashdetection and working on making the IFC Engine DLL to handle streaming data. Ruben did a memory optimalisation and is now fixing some bugs. It looks like we are jumping to the 1.0 release before the summer and skipping the planned 0.9 release. Michel and Léon are busy thinking about what comes after 1.0, discussing Joseki and ontologies (we won’t bother you with that right now).
For the moment all signs are green for a big release party (?). Just to give you guys a sneak preview of what’s comming up:

  • Memory usage optimalisation.
  • Optimised map from reading database (no more wrapped values).
  • Optimsed webbased modelbrowser.
  • No more recursion on read/write (so no more geen stack overflow).
  • O3D webbased modelviewer.
  • Advanced query options in browser (rule language).
  • Integrated clash detection.

So keep track of the demo-server and the mailinglists.

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