Integrated Clash detection

As you guys know, the BIMserver team works very close with the guys from TNO in the Netherlands. A year ago this resulted in a special client side IFC viewer with an ‘open from server’  button. In the 0.8 release we integrated the IFC Engine DLL that makes it possible for the BIMserver to export to CityGML, Collada, Google Earth, and more….

Today we announce a new feature of the BIMserver that is a result of our cooperation with TNO: integrated Clash detection!

The 0.9 release of the BIMserver will have the ability to check your model for clashes. This means you can check a submodel (two walls modelled by the architect clashing) or even the merged complete model (to check if a pipe that’s modelled by the HVAC modeller clashes with a wall that is modelled by the architect).

This feature is seen as a key feature for working with BIM. The open source BIMserver is proud to offer this feature to our users. We will keep you posted on the details and the release date.

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