New feature, new release date

This week the development team of found out that we are all passionate about our jobs. That’s not really a surprise (or we wouldn’t make this software open source) and it gives a lot of valuable opportunities like having fun at what you do.
But as all good things in life it also has a downside. In this case the downside is that things we are not as passionate about will fall behind on the cool stuff.
For the open source bimserver software this means that we are looking at implementing O3D visualization in the new release, but because we are passionate about this, the given release date of December 18th will not be made.
Our families decided that it would be good for us to stay home for Christmas and not work with anything that has the word ‘java’ in it (except for the coffee of course). This means that we will (for sure) release a new version of the software before Christmas (central European time) and hope to have all the new features like O3D in it.
So to be short: we won’t make December 18th, but the waiting won’t be long and we will give you extra stuff in return.

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