Successful Breakfast

The BIMserver breakfast last week was a great success. Around 60 users came to TNO in Delft (the Netherlands) to test the new features. They spent a few hours each and found two bugs in total. A nice complement for the developers!
The development team is finding solutions to fix the bugs these days.
You also gave us valuable feedback and made some new feature requests. We are trying to incorporate (some of) these requests in the new release.
We plan to schedule a new release on December 18th this year. Because this is an open source project we depend on a lot of external issues. As you know this release date is more than anything subject to change (update: 22th December).
This next stable release will be a 0.8 version. There are two big issues (user rights and permissions; and memory use) that have to be solved before the 1.0 release. For the moment we do not have any finances to develop to this 1.0 release.
When you want to be notified when the new version is released, please connect to the mailing list. To give you an impression of the new features in 0.8 have a look at this presentation.

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