Free software for automatic IFC clash-detection

As some of you might know the Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO is one of the organisations behind the development of this open source bimserver. They are also the developers of the fastest IFC render engine in the world: the IFC engine series.

But the innovation doesn’t stop… Today a press release will be send to announce the ‘first free automatic IFC clash detection tool’. The good news for is that the automatic clash detection only works on models that are fetched from a BIMserver!

The clash detection tool has a ‘open from server’ button that enables you to (after login) select a project and a specific revision. The IFC model is than downloaded from the server and checked for clashes. You can even view each clash in the viewer and zoom to it to evaluate. Have a look at the screenshots or the video to get an impression.

The clash detection function is embedded in the latest IFC Engine viewer. It’s still in beta so the TNO guys might update regularly.

Check out their website to download the latest version.

As i mentioned before, this tool is still in beta. When you have found a bug or want to give a suggestion (or other ways of feedback like compliments about his his excellent English in the movie below) feel free to e-mail the lead developer at




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